The “Turn-key” Shave Kit is a perfect gift for any man who wants a top of the line razor and shaving brush with a great stand and razor blades. A discount and FREE SHIPPING on this kit makes it even that much more perfect.    

The "Turnkey" Shave Kit comes with the following:

• YOUR CHOICE OF AROMA COLLECTION - Lavender, Lemon or Sandalwood. Aroma collection will need to be selected prior to "ADD TO CART" (selection drop menu directly to the right).

• YOUR CHOICE OF A RAZOR – Over 10 razors to choose from. See Razor, Brush, Stand tab for complete description of each razor prior to your selection. You will need to select razor prior to "ADD TO CART" (Razor drop menu to the right).

• SHAVING BRUSH - Genuine best badger hair shaving brush, durable handmade construction, generates a rich and warm lather, softens and lifts the beard, solid high-quality resin handle, fits Handsome Rob's shaving stand.

• RAZOR BRUSH STAND - Ideal for proper brush maintenance and razor storage, universal brush and razor stand, durable solid zinc alloy frame and chrome plating, dry out brush without dripping on razor, elegant design

• SHARK DE RAZOR BLADES - Genuine Shark 5 double edge (DE) blades, manufactured in Egypt; Fit all standard DE razors, fine precision-honed razors for barber like shave, high quality stainless steel double edge blades are chrome plated for superior sharp edge and glide, easy to clean, for all skin types

Starter Kit (plus razor selection):

  • For all the products listed in this kit please see the individual product listing within Handsome Rob web page / site for a complete listing of ingredients, pictures and descriptions.

    Allergy Warning: Products contain peanut and nut oil and or has been package around peanut and nut oil.