The “Starter” Shave Kit is a perfect gift for any man who wants to dramatically improve their shaving experience and start using a shaving brush. A discount on this kit makes it even that much more perfect.    

The "Starter" Shave Kit comes with the following:

• YOUR CHOICE OF AROMA COLLECTION - Lavender, Lemon or Sandalwood. Aroma collection will need to be selected prior to "ADD TO CART" (Aroma Collection drop menu to the right).

• SHAVING BRUSH - Genuine best badger hair shaving brush, durable handmade construction, generates a rich and warm lather, softens and lifts the beard, solid high-quality resin handle, fits Handsome Rob's shaving stand.

• SHAVING BRUSH STAND - Made of quality acrylic resin by Colonel Ichabon Conk Products, fits Handsome Rob's shaving brush & most all others, allows your brush to properly dry & store.

Starter Kit:

  • For all the products listed in this kit please see the individual product listing within Handsome Rob web page / site for a complete listing of ingredients, pictures and descriptions.

    Allergy Warning: Products contain peanut and nut oil and or has been package around peanut and nut oil.