Because everyone's facial hair is different and because every double blade razor manufacture approaches it in a different way we have created the 7 sample pack for you to economically find which razor blade(s) work best for you. This 7 sample pack offers you a wide range of blade options which includes carbon steel, stainless steel, specialty coating such as platinum, chrome and even ceramic.  Once you are dialed in to your blade of choice we will continually be growing our razor blade bulk options so you can get the best value from our website. 

The 7 sample pack includes:

-5 Wilkinsen DE razors
-10 Crystal DE razors
-10 Trig DE Razors
-10 Treet DE Razors
-5 Astra DE Razors
-5 Shark DE Razors

Safety Razor Sample Pack (7 brands)

  • Product Warning:
    Razor blade(s) / razor(s) are extremely sharp and need to be handled with care. Razor blade(s) should not be around or within children's reach. Handsome Rob Shave Company is not responsible for any harm resulting from razor blade(s) or razor(s) that are sold from our website.