Genuine Parker 99R - SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Long Handle Butterfly Style Open Double Edge Safety Razor

• Classic old school design with barber pole like design on handle
• Angled for an incredibly smooth barbershop shave
• This razor rivals any on the market for a close, comfortable shave - even those costing much more
• 3.6 oz – heavyweight design!
• Brass frame - Nickel / chrome plated for durability
• 4" long textured handle - excellent in wet conditions!
• Twist-to-Open "Butterfly" style / quick blade replacement (see faq page for diagram of butterfly & 3-piece)
• Razor is compatible with Handsome Rob universal shaving stand

Parker 99R (butterfly)

  • About Parker:

    Parker has been manufacturing from India high quality razors since 1973. Wet shave enthusiasts’ worldwide highly rate Parker’s razors for durable construction and ornate designs. Quality to match more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost.

    Safety Razor Type: Butterfly

    Material: Brass frame with nickel plating

    Weight: 3.6 oz

    Length: 4 3/8"

    Textured handle: Yes (4" textured handle)

    Condition: This product is brand new, and has never been used before

    Made: India

    Product Warning:
    Razor blade(s) / razor(s) are extremely sharp and need to be handled with care. Razor blade(s) should be not be around or within children's reach. Handsome Rob Shave Company is not responsible for any harm resulting from razor blade(s) or razor(s) that are sold from our website.