Genuine Merkur 1906 Classic #42 - Short Handle 3 Piece Style Safety Razor

Product Features

• Merkur old world quality and craftsmanship
• Vintage, classic design
• Non-slip, etched handle with six sides provides excellent grip and balance
• Straight bar edge (not open tooth)
• Chrome plated for durability and easy clean
• One of Merkur’s best selling safety razor
• Includes one single Merkur blade
• 3 piece style safety razor (see all of product pictures)

Merkur Classic 1906 #42 (3-piece)

  • About Merkur:

    Merkur has been manufacturing double edge razors since the 1900's from Germany. Merkur is known for their old world quality and craftsmanship and is rated as a top choice for safety razors by wet shave enthusiasts.

    Safety Razor Type: 3 piece (see razor photos)

    Material: Brass frame with nickel plating

    Weight: 2.3 oz

    Length: 3"

    Textured handle: Yes

    Condition: This product is brand new, and has never been used before

    Made: Germany

    Product Warning:
    Razor blade(s) / razor(s) are extremely sharp and need to be handled with care. Razor blade(s) should be not be around or within children's reach. Handsome Rob Shave Company is not responsible for any harm resulting from razor blade(s) or razor(s) that are sold from our website.