Fusion Razor - SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT (4.6 oz) Long Handle 

• Stunning, sleek design for a sophisticated look
• Easy release button for Gillette Fusion cartridges
• 4.6 oz – Super heavyweight!
• Stainless steel frame - Chrome plated for durability
• 5" long handle for easy to control shave
• Razor is compatible with Handsome Rob universal shaving stand

Fusion Razor (4.6 oz. heavyweight)

  • Razor Type: Fusion cartridge

    Material: Stainless steel frame with chrome plating

    Weight: 4.6 oz

    Length: 5 7/8"

    Condition: This product is brand new, and has never been used before

    Made: China

    Product Warning:
    Razor blade(s) / razor(s) are extremely sharp and need to be handled with care. Razor blade(s) should be not be around or within children's reach. Handsome Rob Shave Company is not responsible for any harm resulting from razor blade(s) or razor(s) that are sold from our website.