shaving education 

1- Lube

After a hot shower apply the Pre-Shave oil by pumping desired amount into your handsome hand and with your fingers lightly massage into beard.  Pre-Shave oil improves blade glide, protects skin from shaving nicks & irritation, softens the beard for a closer shave and moisturizes the skin.  Our Pre-Shave oils are light and will not leave an oily residue and have been formulated with the best ingredients including Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil and Essential Oils.  




•Apply Pre-Shave oil to dry skin so oils can bond with skin.  Pat face dry with towel after showering before applying Pre-Shave Oil.


•Massage Pre-Shave oil directionally with your beards whiskers.  Going cross grain causes’ irritation. 


2- Lather

Apply a small amount (nickel size +/-) of our amazing shaving cream to one of our best badger hair shaving brushes that has hot water in its bristles or use your fingers and work into the desired facial area.  Shaving cream helps lifts whiskers with a thick, rinse-able, creamy, warm lather, maintains blade glide and reduces shave irritation. Handsome Rob’s shaving creams uses only the best natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Bentonite Clay and Essential Oils for your skin's protection and repair.    




•Once shaving brush is saturated with hot water let a little water drain from brush before applying shaving cream to brush.  Brush needs to hold enough hot water to create lather but not too much where water is pouring out of the brush when applying shaving cream 


•See faq #5 for instruction for shaving brush maintenance or click here



3- Shave

On first pass always shave with the grain so as not to irritate the skin. Shave with a razor that is properly balanced and weighted.  All of Handsome Rob's razors have been selected for their classic timeless design, weight and quality. 




•Use only top quality razor blades and change razor blade often so as to avoid cuts and irritation - see faq #4 for more info. regarding selection of DE blades - or click here. 


•Safety razor blades can save a lot of money because blades are inexpensive (safety razor blades can cost as little as .20 per blade and depending on beard thickness can last up to 7 days)


•Because the neck is the most sensitive area to shave, start your shave on the face allowing time for the shaving cream to soften the neck whiskers so as to avoid irritation 


•Shave with the direction of your whiskers so as to avoid irrigation. If you still desire a closer shave reapply shaving cream to area and shave cross grain 


•Shave with shorter strokes and rinse blade often under hot water.  Let the razor do the work and avoid “muscling” your way through a shave


•If shaving with a safety razor and you have the time, remove the blade after each shave and clean blade on towel (Be careful!)


•Clean your razor handle at least once a week with a towel and q-tip so as to eliminate film build up


4- Soother

For the most rewarding, refreshing feeling of them all, squeeze the desired amount of After-Shave Soother onto your hand and gently rub / pat on your face and neck.  Handsome Rob’s soother is packed with skin calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients including Aloe Vera. 




•Wipe down the sink and faucet with a towel you filthy animal