FAQ #1- Q. How handsome is Handsome Rob? 


  • A. By handsome do you mean wild crazy women lust or “dude you can date my sister anytime,” handsome?Then the answer is yes.   Handsome Rob is so handsome that Pierce Brosnan keeps a picture of Handsome Rob in his wallet. Unknown to most, Tina Turner’s love songs were not written for Ike but for a young man named Handsome Rob. He has been pulled over more than 70 times for speeding and each time received a warning and then an apology.  Rob is so handsome that GQ magazine wants to put him on the cover for an entire year.  Bottom line, there is not handsome without Handsome Rob.  Period.    



FAQ #2- Q. What is the difference between a butterfly and 3-piece



safety razor? 


  • A. The biggest difference between a Butterfly style and 3-Piece style safety razor is the time to load and unload the blade in the razor head.  The Butterfly is faster and is safer in handling the blade.  If speed is not overly critical and you have a steady hand, shavers select the 3-Piece for its solid, heavy, nostalgic, old fashion style and feel.  One other difference between the two styles is the blade cutting angles.  The Butterfly has an optimal cutting angle once the guards are completely closed or twisted all the way shut and offers the skilled shaver the opportunity to relax the blade (flatten out the blade) to help with shaving in tight corners.  The 3-Piece once loaded with the blade offers only the fixed optimal cutting angle.  Some swear by the 3-Piece because they say it offers a more aggressive shave.  If you’re a first time wet shaver the Butterfly style safety razor might be a good selection for its added measure of safety in loading the blades.   To see a visual display on how to load a blade into the two different styles of razor click here. 


FAQ #3- Q. How do you wet shave?  - What are the best wet shave practices? - Any wet shave tips?     


  • A. Refer to our shaving education tab located at the upper right corner for shaving instructions and tips including our instructional video starring Handsome Rob or click here.


FAQ #4- Q. What are the best double edge (DE) razor blades? 


  • A. There tends to be a lot of questions of which coating or blade material is best be it stainless steel, chrome or platinum. We would answer this by saying it’s a matter of personal preference and that one brand is not better than another.  Some brands are sharper than others and for some beard types that is a good thing and for others it’s a bad thing due to razor burn.   We suggest the following when buying DE blades: 1) test drive the blade by buying a small quantity of blades or buy a small assortment of different reputable brand blades, 2) buy DE blades that are made in reputable countries that aren’t known for counterfeiting and 3) finally buy your blades from a source that has a continual supply of your favorite blades.  To shop our DE blade sample pack clike here.

FAQ #5- Q. What is the difference between different badger hair type brushes? 


  • A. There are four classifications for badger hair that are used for shaving brushes which are "Pure" Badger, "Best" Badger, "Super" Badger and "Silvertip" Badger.  Each badger hair type comes from different parts of the badger’s body.  The Pure Badger hair comes from a large percentage of the badger's body which makes it the most available and is the least expensive out of the hairs.  The Best Badger hair offers significant improvement in feel and quality over the Pure Badger.  Best Badger is culled mainly from the belly side of the badger including other parts of the badger. Super Badger is a little more softer than best badger and comes primarily from the badger’s backside.  The backside hair of the badger offers a very nice visual looking hair with a distinct black band and a more defined white tip.  Silvertip Badger primarily comes from the neck region of the badger and also offers the distinct coloring bands and soft white tip.  Both the Super Badger and the Silvertip Badger hairs are in smaller quantity on the badger thus making them more rare and expensive.  


  • We at Handsome Rob currently offer Best Badger hair shaving brushes because we feel that it is an excellent soft brush that holds water well when shaving.  We believe that there is a huge quality difference between Pure Badger and Best Badger and the visual and slightly softer tips on the Super and Silvertip Badger is not worth the costs that can more than double the expense for a shaving brush. To shop our Best Badger hair brush click here.            


FAQ #6- Q. What ingredients are in your products?


  • A. Handsome Rob Shave Company offers the best ingredients in our Pre-Shave Oils, Shaving Creams and After-Shave Soothers to protect, moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.  For a complete listing of our ingredients look under the detail tab of our shaving products when selecting a product or click here start by looking at our aroma collection.    


FAQ #7- Q. How do you care / maintain your shaving brush and razor?


  • A. We have created a whole page dedicated to the proper maintenance of shaving brushes and razors.  Click here for our maintenance page 


FAQ #8- Q. What is your shipping policy?


  • A. Please see the ‘Terms of Use’ tab located at the bottom of the page or  click here.  


FAQ #9- Q. What is your return policy?


  • A. Please see the ‘Terms of Use’ tab located at the bottom of the page or  click here.