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a mammoth corporation traded on Wall Street that sells every hygenie product under the sun that markets over priced pretty boy shaving products  






about us 


Sadly to report Penn was a shaving hack due to ignorance.  Like most men they never really learned from pops the proper way to shave in the pubescent years. And just like that generations of men destroying their faces while shaving.  After years of battling neck razor burn due to sensitive skin his wife Kimberly stumbled upon old fashion wet shaving with a brush and the use of pre-shave oil which forever changed Penn’s face. 


The pre-shave oil was amazing, it softened the skin and provided glide that eliminated razor burn. In addition to sensitive skin, dry skin was also an issue caused by the daily shave.  Penn discovered that the majority of aerosol shaving creams contributed to dry skin due to such agents as butane, isobutane and propane.  It was also discovered that a good after-shave that is not alcohol based does wonders for moisturizing.      


Being disgusted at the small quantity of overpriced pre-shave oil and being a DIY warrior Penn set out to make his own pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after-shave that was based in natural and facial friendly ingredients.  Completely obsessed like some mad scientist searching for the cure he made batch after batch to finally nail it. The lather, the glide, the viscosity, the texture, the fragrances, the ingredients, the moisturizing, it was all perfect! 


What started as a bazaar passion / hobby turned into a friends and family thing which turned into the thoughts of a business. People were going bananas about how good their skin felt after a shave and were persistent to have more.  So with the blessing and help from his wife (Kimberly) they started Handsome Rob Shave Company.


It’s their dream that you also go bananas using Handsome Rob shaving products so much that you couldn’t fathom the thought of shaving with anything else.  Thanks for choosing Handsome Rob Shave Company and for breaking the vicious cycle of poor shaving.  Penn and Kimberly hope you find the joy they have found in their products and you can experience that Zen like moment looking in the mirror while shaving. Click here for a complete wet shaving instructional video as presented by Handsome Rob.      


Handsome Rob Shave Company is founded by a simple guy that has a simple mission, create an old school in-house barbershop shave experience with top of the line shaving products that are manufactured right here in the good old USA. 


Penn Owens (founder) has had the burning desire ever since he was a youngster to own his own company but like most passionate entrepreneurs his company and products had to be the perfect reflection of his personal passion.  He strongly believes that what we do is what we are.  Handsome Rob Shave Company is rooted in this philosophy that men are a reflection of their shave.  Are you a quick, cheap hack or a mastered skilled craftsmen?